Online Interactive E-Brochures with 3D page turning effect.

Electronic online brochures just £9 per page!

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Frequently asked questions about online brochures

You're sure to have a few questions about our product. So we created this quick list to help. Got a question that's not here? Contact us and we'll provide an answer... right away!

What files do I need to send you in order to create my SelectBrochure?

Please download our Technical Guide here for full details.

Will my readers need to download special software to view a SelectBrochure digital edition?

No... digital editions are streamed to the reader in much the same way as web pages are viewed. Macromedia Flash is required, although this is already installed in 95% of computers. If you do not already have Macromedia Flash, it is available to download for free. SelectBrochure Digital Editions are designed to be universally available. Corporate networks frequently block users downloading specialist software and SelectBrochure avoids this problem.

Can I see a preview before it goes live?

Yes of course. We will create a completely free version for you to proof for up to a week.

Can I change/amend my digital edition once it goes live?

Yes, we will simply charge per page for each page that we amend. No full re-print charges, no paper waste, no fuss.

Why do you host my digital editions?

SelectBrochure host your publications to ensure maximum security with our global server network, the Limelight Content Delivery Network. We also leverage Limelight's global network of backbone servers to ensure that your content is not exposed to a single point of failure, meaning 100% up-time, support and security for your digital editions 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

We cannot guarantee security, page delivery speeds and up-time if our digital editions are not hosted by ourselves. There's also a risk of crashing smaller servers if your publication receives a large volume of traffic. In addition, the software is upgraded from time to time. This is a seamless operation on our servers but potentially problematic if hosting is outside SelectBrochure's control.

Can digital editions be included in ABC and BPA circulation figures?

Yes, since December 2006, digital editions have been included in ABC circulation figures. Click here for more information. Also, the BPA Worldwide Consumer Magazine Rules have been amended, allowing digital editions to be included in BPA circulation figures. Click here to read the amended BPA Business Publication Rules.